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Facts about cholesterol


  1. Thank you, at times difficult to read but very enlightening. I have rather high cholesterol, despite never having Kentucky Chicken or McDonald’s, we have no added fat on our vegetables and have lots of salads with no more than a tablespoon of olive oil. I have either rolled oats or mixed multi-grain cereal breakfast, and have 2 slices of multi-grain bread for lunch with one slice of either lean ham or lean roast beef with tomato and lettuce. Interestingly over years of monitoring no fat has been found lining the walls of my arteries even with the high cholesterol numbers. That said, I will certainly use this to get the numbers down anyway.

  2. I am sorry for the execrable grammar and typing blunders. It is no exuse that I wrote this from about four AM to eight hurrying so I could get two hours of sleep before the office.
    Too bad there is no computer composition program which may permit revision and correction
    of what has been written and posted in haste. Or transfer this to my email where I could rewrite it at leisure.

    But that is not why I write a riposte. As I finished the above piece to my horror I suddenly realised the logical absurdity of my position. If only 20 % of blood cholesterol comes from cholesterol absorbed from the gut as is shown by the fact that Ezetrol is rather ineffective in lowering its levels , then how can OAT meal reduce cholesterol by up to 50 % being at least as effective as statins even in very high doses? Either it doesnt do so or there must be another
    mechanism of action.

    Of course it is not only OAT meal per se but the whole accompanying diet which does the trick. That is elimination of all refined carbohydrates sugars sweets desserts etc.

    I was happy to see that the Mayo Clinic agrees with most of my recipe and even the Hunza or Tibetan diet BTW as almonds are placed ahead of walnuts but both are advocated in moderate amounts and of course they advise BARLEY almost as much as OATs. They mention soluble fibre as the means of reducing cholesterol absorption.
    The Mayo Clinic of course also mentions FLAX seed or meal.

    I will add another recipe here which grew out of the steel cut OATS FLAX seed WALNUTS BLUEBERRIES breakfast recipe as I consider store bought oatmeal cookies unfit for human consumption with its added baking soda salt sugar hydrogenated vegteble oil what not.

    If baked as is my breakfast is more fitting as a projectile for WWIII than eating. So I reasoned they make corn oil out of corn as well as corn syrup so why not add cornmeal? So add as much cornmeal as steel cut OATs or oatmeal if you must. Still best used by Rhodian slingers as weapons not food.

    Eureka APPLES. Yes even the Mayo clinic would approve as apples are included in the list of soluble fibre cholesterol lowering fruits.
    To make it even healthier add sunflower seed sprinkle on poppy seed and cinnamon and crown with half a prune if not diabetic if diabetic an almond. Simply divine and better tasting much better than the store bought horror.

    Amounts? Obvious. One cup OATS one cup CORN meal or flour one cup diced or cubed apples. That is what makes it light not heavier than a neutron star.
    One third cup each of blueberries walnuts and a couple of tbsp of sunflower or sesame seeds or both. Experiment.
    Sprinkle with cinnamos at the end and poppy seeds or omit if you will. Set in the centre top an almond or half a prune.
    There is a serious danger here. It will turn out so tasty yummy looking and healthy to boot that you will be tempted to eat the whole batch at once as I did.

    Nothing may be added no milk no sugar no source of sodium Na no fat no oil no butter no margarine all of which would defeat the purpose of lowering cholesterol and I shall add in
    a whisper prevent cancer as well.

    Fortunately I had a world champion pastry chef help me with the advice that I mustnt
    open the door to the oven as it will collapse. He also agreed that baking soda and yeast were completey unnecessary as it will rise without them. It did.

  3. Unfortunately this otherwise laudable advice suffers from the usual failure to differentiate between cholesterol in diet and cholesterol in the matabolic processes of the body.
    Simply put cholesterol is after C carbon O oxygen H hydrogen and a few simple basic molecules made from these atoms is the most important constituent of the human or animal or plant body. Fort all cell membranes are made of a lipid bilayer delineating inside from outside. Cholesterol as correctly named so in English but not in German or French or Hungarian where it is wrongly called cholesterin is an alcohol on one end but the long tail is a steroid fat. It is a hydrocarbon ie made only of C and H and as such is hydrophobic and lipophilic. So these fatty ends meet facing each other to make all cell membranes. On the other hand as alcohols are soluble in water being hydrophilic face outwards and meet happily both inside the cell and outside the essentially water environment as H2O as nearly everyone knows is water or better yet HHO one end being + the other – so water is a polar molecule having a negative and a positive pole. So cholesterol is a 27 C molecule with neutral lipophilic tail and and a O or OH end being hydrophilic.

    This is critical in understanding cholesterol and it seems that while all MDs and nutritionists and dietitians not to speak of lipid researchers ought to have learned organic and biochemistry and metabolism and physiology they seem to have forgotten it.
    All food is basically fats or free fatty acids FFA or TGL triglycerides and cholesterol, or proteins made of AA amino acids which also contain N nitrogen or amines a few S sulphur, and sugars or chains of sugars called starches or lectins. Sugars are carbohydrates meaning they contain C O H of five or six Cs in a chain or a ring.

    Now all three groups are broken down in a myriad chemical steps and reactions to only one single molecule called Acetyl CoEnzyme A. Acetyl being acetic acid or vinegar a C-C unit.
    All fats all proteins all sugars become C-C.
    Then they are all resynthetised as you guessed it as FFA and cholesterol and AA and glucose and glycogen a macromolecule which is a storage form of glucose a simple six carbon sugar.

    This is called intermediary metabolism which is hellishly complex but this here is the skeletal outline which they have forgotten.
    They ought not to have forgotten it as they all know that the main drugs used in lowering blood cholesterol levels are statins. And statins work by blocking the second step in the synthesis of cholesterol from Ac Co E A.
    So a large part of the cholesterol load in our bloodstream is NOT the cholesterol that you have eaten as cholesterol but is made in the liver mainly from AcCoEA.
    Statins would not work would be useless if the cholesterol from the diet would constitute the main part of the blood cholesterol.
    Most of the cholesterol made from ACCoEA comes from carbohydrates ie sugars.

    So if someone says that you have high cholesterol? Why then you must go on a low fat diet.
    Nonsense, you msut go on a low calorie but above all low refined CHO or sugar diet. Ie cut out junk food. Reduction of fat is of course also a good idea.

    However some of the cholesterol in the diet indeed does appear as cholesterol in the blood.

    Sadly I have only the say so of a prof from the U of Toronto who gave the following figures
    upon my questioning. 20% of the cholesterol comes from the gut absorption and 80% is synthetised de novo in the liver of the organism from other precursors ie foods.

    So it is possible to eat nothing but sugar say a hummingbird and convert it into protein of bone muscle and feathers and fats including of course cholesterol to lay the eggs.

    Contrarywise all carnivorous predators such as the fastest animal the cheetah go for the fat guts and fat liver not the meat of their prey. Then in the same intermediary metabolism it will break down the fat into guess what ACCoEA which then it will synthetise into glucose and store as glycogen in its liver. Then when it needs to eat next it will qickly release an enormous amount of glycogen and glucose for the very rapid metabolism to be able to sustain in short spurts what? 70 km/h speed to catch its prey.

    So in the hummingbird sugar becomes fat and in the cheetah fat becomes sugar.

    Dont believe me do not ever believe anybody. Check it out read about intermediary metabolism.

    So the only thing that can happen to our various C molecules is one of three fates become fat sugar or protein. If you eat in excess junk food you become fat diabetic and deposit cholesterol in your arteries. So called metabolic syndrome.
    There is a fourth possibility as we have learned from the hummingbird and the cheetah which BTW never become fat nor diabetic nor get atherosclerosis: EXERCISE. Convert the cholesterol and glucose to CO2 carbon dioxide and H2O water and breathe it out

    So fat and sugar become gas.

    Isnt metabolism wonderful. That is why there was a diet book which stated that dieting makes you fat. It actually advised eating more but exercising a lot.

    A whitewater kayaking book analysed the voyageurs diet who ate 7000 cal a day and were skinny. They paddled 16 hours a day at ninety beat per minute for 55 minutes every hour.
    Then had a pipe for five minutes. They ran on long portages with 40 lbs bales but only the sick ones the healthy ones with two bales the show offs with three bales. And carried running with huge canots de maitres. They ate pure lard fat whitefish salmon beans.
    When they got to Montreal they hit the whorehouses and taverns and ate ate ate and spent all their money and couldnt recognise one another they got quickly so fat from being very skinny two weeks earlier.
    The story is the same with mediaeval peasants and Roman legionnaires, they were all very fit and trim and ate enormous amounts but workrd or fought or built camps or marched enormous distances.

    So our lazy civilisation has caused our diseases, we drive for a Coke or a chocolate bar one block in a car.

    The above picture is not entirely correct as not all AAs can be coverted nor all fats to glucose or cholesterol but most can.

    A breakfast worked out over thirty odd years which lowers cholesterol more than statins and ezetrol combined. The latter is what blocks gut absorption hence can affect only 20% of cholesterol and which is why it ii not very effective.


    Of course any sugar and fat including milk is absolutely verboten. You know why by now; it matters not that the milk is skim milk as it still has indigestible protein called casein and galactose and lactose which are almost identical to glucose and sucrose blood and table sugar. One H or OH is displaced a little is the only difference but is perceived as not sweet beacuse of the configuration but its energy is almost identical. And all will be broken down to AcCoEA to be synthetised into cholesterol.
    So no milk no sugar on the horrid gruel.
    I consider it simply a kind of medicine that’s all and dont whine about it.
    With green and black tea of course without anything else.

    This will lower cholesterol by about 50%

    There is an alternate almost the same formulation from the Hunza.

    BARLEY FLAX meal almonds and some kind of mtn berries.

    The starch granules of barley and oats are slowly broken down not rapidly as in rice corn (maize) wheat or potatoes which hence arent advocated here.
    I suppose it is the gluey mush which must bind the cholesterol preventing its absorption. But there must be other ways this works as well.

    One final amusing note. Baboons in the wild of course eat grubs worms roots dirt whatnot and their cholesterol is 1. When they hit the dump of a five star hotel in Nairobi the males double their weight to 400 lbs and their cholesterol goes up to 3. Oh of course what they eat is lemon meringue pie ice cream chocolate cake kentucky fried chicken and steak and jam and hot dogs and white bread and rolls.

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