Our blogs have been coming thick and fast this month. Let’s see how much you remember while you’ve been social distancing like a champ!

It’s no joke. Our April science quiz is here.

It’s our favourite time of the month – quiz time! And it begs the question, are you April fool or autumnal cool? We are super psyched to see if you have been paying attention and can ace our April science quiz. We know you have some time to catch-up on your reading. And we’ve certainly got you covered with reading material.

Our April science quiz

Get your thinking caps on and challenge your friends, family or housemates in our April science quiz. And most importantly, try to get 10 out of 10! Who will reign supreme as quizmaster in your household?


You are a GENIUS! Congrats!

Stay up to date and next time you will blitz it!

#1. What is packed full of protein and crushes your chocolate cravings?

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and black beans are packed with protein. We’ve combined them in this delicious and easy brownie recipe.

#2. What is one way we can track COVID-19 in communities?

Our researchers have joined with The University of Queensland to find fragments of SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in untreated sewage. Check it out.

#3. What famous scientist discovered gravity during his time in isolation?

While forced to stay home in isolation from the Bubonic Plague, Newton was free to develop his theories on gravity under the apple tree.

#4. What was the first product to use our v2food plant-based mince?

This plant-mince alternative was developed for mince recipes. Most noteworthy, is before its release several leading chefs gave the alternative mince the taste and texture test. Read all about it!

#5. Where would you once have found a 40,000 strong population of sea snakes?

Historical data shows Ashmore Reef used to be a global sea snake hotspot home to more than 40,000 of them. These days you’re unlikely to see even one. Let us explain.

#6. What animal is a social distancing champ and has a regular spot on our socials?

The common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) is best known for being solitary and that makes them social distancing champs. Read how they do it. The other animals in this list are also good at social distancing but they don’t feature on our famous #wombatwednesday.

#7. How can you find amphibians by their croak?

By identifying and validating frog calls you will be contributing data for traditional research using the FrogID app. Check out how and find other easy ways you can contribute to science from home!

#8. We’re helping local manufacturers to boost supply of a product. Which one?

We’re helping Aussie manufacturers speed up development and manufacture of surgical face masks. The masks are in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we hope to help industry get production up to meet the demand.

#9. In which book would you discover the world of robot servants?

Number eight in our top ten reads during isolation is Imagining the Future, a children’s book about how science fiction is becoming science fact. See our other isolation reading ideas.

#10. Why did we use quarantine methods in the 1940s in Australia?

To control bovine pleuropneumonia (also known as pleuro), in the 1940s a farm would be quarantined while cattle were tested and vaccinated. Read up on our history.


Results are in

So, how’d you do? Did you beat your score from last month?

We know you might be feeling the impact of isolation, so we want you to know, we’re keeping you close. C’mon, lean in, we’re giving you a virtual hug. There you go. We hope you feel better. Because we’re here for you. Always!


  1. Is the virus still alive in untreated sewerage? + what a fun job you have playing in untreated sewerage!

  2. Whoot whoot! The only quizzes I normally ever get 10/10 on are the ones that are actually designed to collect your personal data. OMG, is that what’s going on here in some particularly clever way?

  3. I got 7/10 but should have paid more attention to the previous quiz for the answers

  4. I got 9 of the 10 right and I’m a useless old man.

  5. I got one out of ten, so don’t worry if you are not perfect.

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