We've helped develop a plant based mince meat alternative. Now you can get it to your door from meal-kit delivery company Marley Spoon.
Spicy plant-based mince with chilli and ginger in black bowl on white rice

Spicy shaanxi-style plant-mince with chilli, ginger and coriander on white rice…mouth-watering!

One thing most of us look forward to is going out for dinner. Getting dressed up, the excitement builds with feelings of familiarity, friendships and food! And seeing everyone enjoying meals at our favourite restaurant. Aaaah, the memories.

It certainly seems like a distant memory! Life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic might be getting a little bit monotonous right about now. We figure you’re probably looking for something to change up your routine.

Spice up ya life!

If you’re anything like us, you too turn to food. No judgement. As a result, dancing around the kitchen is an easy way to stay active and eat healthy at the same time. So, while you pop on some Spice Girls, we’ve got options.

You might remember we helped launch v2food late last year. It’s a start-up established with partners, based on our science. Together we created a new plant-based alternative protein or plant-mince option.

We developed a new range of products turning legumes into a structured base. A combination of sunflower oil, coconut oil and amino acids. Add in a few secret herbs and spices, and it mimics the taste and texture of meat.

It’s not specifically designed for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet. But, it is a scientific plant-based substitute.

Plant-based Summer Ragu with Tomatoes and Pees with spaghetti in white bowl

Plant-mince summer ragu with tomatoes, pees and parsley served on spaghetti…nom, nom, nom!

Tastes like meat, chews like meat

The first product launched was a burger patty. It’s available at Hungry Jack’s, Soul Burger and Burger Urge in Australia, as well as Burger King in New Zealand. Now, that’s all well and good if fast food is what you’re craving.

Alternatively, while you’re staying in and social distancing like a legend, there’s another option. You can have this plant-based product delivered direct to your door. It makes you feel like a pro-chef and you can still add your own secret ingredients.

Plant-based Mince Chilli Raman with Leek and Corn served with spaghetti in blue and white bowl

Plant-mince chilli ramen with leek and corn served on spaghetti…yummo!

Dinner’s ready!

v2food in partnership with meal-kit delivery company Marley Spoon are offering the plant-based food fix. It saves a trip to the supermarket and is easy to prepare.

This plant-mince alternative was developed for mince recipes. Most noteworthy, is before its release several leading chefs gave the alternative mince the taste and texture test. This guarantees it’s a like-for-like plant-based substitute for meat mince in a variety of meals. The taste and texture is the same as mince and it’s extremely versatile, just like regular mince.

The recipes on offer provide everything you need to make the complete meal, delivered by Marley Spoon. Available on the menu and incorporating the high-tech plant-mince are:

  • Shaanxi-style chilli, ginger and coriander
  • Chilli ramen mince, with leek and corn
  • Summer ragu with tomatoes, peas and parsley

Scrumptiously delish!

Convenience plus

You may not realise it but a lot of science goes into your food, from farm to plate. What might look like a burger patty or mince is actually a high-tech, tasty and sustainable solution.

Since you’re staying home to save lives because of science, it’s only fair you treat yourself to a meal designed by science. You’re welcome. Enjoy!


  1. Hi,
    Is this product low FODMAP and fructose-friendly?
    I have fructose malabsorption & struggle with fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides in legumes, beans, pulses etc – so wondering if how this product is prepared means its low FODMAP.

    1. I am also interested if this is gluten free and fructose friendly

  2. Bloody marvellous!! Thanks CSIRO and v2Food <3

  3. Interesting concept and it certainly looks good, but is it nutritious. It would be good to know what the protien content is for example.

  4. I’d like to see the recipe how to make the mince.??

  5. It might be yummy, but it’s still not a substitute for meat. How much vit b12 does it contain?

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