You May-bee the king or queen-bee of science knowledge in your house, but can you hold your own in our May science quiz? Buzz-inga!
bumble bee on a flower science quiz

We’ve been busy as a BEE getting ready for the May science quiz.

You May-bee the king or queen-bee of science in your house, but can you hold your own in our science quiz?

Queen bee quizmaster status up for grabs

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May science quiz

#1. Where would you find a thorny devil?

Kata Tjuta aka the Olgas is home to the thorny devil who likes to live in dry, sandy country.

#2. Where would you find the largest steerable parabolic dish in the Southern Hemisphere?

It’s in Canberra at the Deep Space Communication Complex, and it is getting a spruce up!

#3. What makes a fibre-fuelled snack?

It’s red lentils of course! You can make your very own delish dip with our red lentil hommus recipe.

#4. What problem are we solving using ‘directed evolution’?

We’re using the process of directed evolution to make heat resistant coral. Scientists isolate the microalgae from coral, culture them in the lab and introduce them to warmer temps over four years.

#5. What is capable of travelling up to 68 kilometres per hour?

It’s the super-fast Mako shark! They are found right across Australian waters.

#6. What can influence whether rubbish ends up on the sea floor or on land?

We found that rubbish that easily sinks or get snagged can determine whether it ends up on our beaches or stranded on the sea floor.

#7. Where do many of our innovations seem to wither?

The valley of death is the gap between technically proven technology and a successful commercial application.

#8. What tool for farmers uses information from Australia's digital soil map and the Bureau of Meteorology?

It’s the Rural Intelligence Platform, and we partnered with Digital Agriculture Services to provide it free of charge to farmers.

#9. What makes up just 3 per cent of global emissions?

Aviation’s contribution to the overall fall in emissions was relatively small (10 per cent) because it makes up just 3 per cent of overall global emissions.

#10. What will we be able to tag and track across Australia’s most remote locations?

Over one thousand buffalo will be tagged and tracked in Arnhem Land and catchments on the Cape York Peninsula from space.



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  1. I get all my science information from Radio National!!

  2. 9/10 the cows tripped me up

  3. 9/10 damn that floating plastic! Not a bad bag full of questions though. Thanks for the brain exercise.

  4. 9 / 10 – I expected the Cows to score better …

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