Get your body moving with our latest playlist. It's a pumped-up mix of banger beats for walking, running or dancing in your lounge room.
lady dancing in a warehouse music you can move to

Our latest playlist is here: Music you can move to

Remember when we used to go out to a club to go dancing? Well, no need! Now we’re all practicing social distancing and staying home to save lives, we have a new dance floor. And, you don’t have to worry about cabbing it, getting a friend to be your designated driver or being the designated driver! Formerly known as the lounge/dining room/hallway/garden, it’s the hottest new club in town! Wherever you can find a little space to let your inner dancing queen out and beat it!

We’ve composed the best music you can move to. Bangers you can walk, run or dance like no one’s watching to. And we know you’re gonna love ’em. Whether you’re into beats, balance or boogie we got your grooves…we mean your moves!

person in a cap dancing

Rhythm is a dancer and groove is in the heart so get a move on and let’s get this party started!

Music you can move to

Are you a rebel just for kicks, what pumps up your jam and gets you footloose? Don’t get hung up, let us know in the comments.