Interronauts | Episode 10: Caterpillars brainwashed into cannibals, Sampling the Abyss, Croque-MonScience, and transforming uggo fruit into stars

By Jesse Hawley

17 July 2017

3 minute read

Join Jesse and Sophie as they snap back to reality, whope there goes gravity…*ahem* — as they discuss last fortnight’s science news: plant defences that turn herbivorous caterpillars into cannibals, our RV Investigator’s voyage to Sample the Abyss, the new project to rescue imperfect fruit and veg and turn them into healthy food products, and finally their new segment: Deconstructed Croque-MonScience, where Sophie guesses research findings and methods based on the title of a paper.

Science news

CSIRO news

What creatures lurk in the deep abyss?

“An international research team has just returned from a voyage of deep sea discovery with an astonishing variety of weird and wonderful creatures from Australia’s eastern abyss.

Considered one of the most inaccessible and unexplored environments on the planet, the team led by scientists from Museums Victoria pulled into port with a precious cargo of bizarre, unusual and even unnerving deep sea species discovered in the abyss – a dark, crushing environment 4000 m below the surface. Research in other parts of the world has found that life in the abyss has evolved many highly unique ways to survive,” from our blog. Learn more about the voyage here.

Giving ugly vegetables a nutrient-rich face lift

“When you’re picking fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, do you go for the healthiest-looking, largest and most colourful option? You’re not alone. Research has shown 40, and even up to 60 per cent of farmers’ veggie crops are wasted along the chain from the farm to our kitchens and one reason is because they don’t meet shoppers’ expectations,” from our blog. Learn more about the partnership here.


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