We studied about 60,000 CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet online members and found those who took full advantage of our online weight loss tools found it easier to reach their goals.
girl working at a table with macbook and iphone screens both showing the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet website

girl working at a-table with macbook and iphone screens both showing the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet website

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet has all the weight loss tools you need at hand. Our new research shows that 60,000 people agree.

Ask any tradesperson what they need to do the job right and they will say they need the right tools. And, according to our latest research, the right online tools are vital for weight loss, diet success and improved health.

In 2005, we published the Total Wellbeing Diet (TWD). Our TWD is a nutritionally balanced and scientifically proven eating plan based on years of research into higher protein diets. Not to toot our own horn, but the book was an instant success. It went on to sell over one million copies and establish itself as Australia’s favourite and most respected weight loss program. In 2015 we took it online by partnering with a digital health company.

Five years on from our online launch, our scientists undertook one of the world’s largest scientific studies of a weight loss program. And, like our TWD participants, we’ve got the results.

The study found it’s not just following the eating plan and doing more exercise that helped members gain success. TWD online members who also used the platform tools more frequently experienced more success on the program.

Online tools help diet and weight loss

Our latest research studied nearly 60,000 TWD online members. It found that people who took full advantage of the online weight loss program found it easier to reach their goals and lost more weight. The TWD program encourages preparation, self-monitoring and support.

Weight loss is an individual thing and varies from person to person. But members who stayed on the TWD online program for at least 12 weeks and used the online tools, like the food diary and weigh-in tools, achieved the best results. These dedicated members lost an average of 7.6 per cent body weight. Compare this with the overall average of 5.3 per cent body weight.

Longer-term members who were ‘super-users’ of the online tools lost an average of 21 per cent of their starting weight.

What tools do people reach for the most?

  • Almost all members used the weigh-in feature (99.8 per cent).
  • More than 88 per cent of members used the diary tool to help them record and self-monitor eating and exercise habits.
  • Nearly 87 per cent of members used the menu planning tool.


A side by side of a young woman smiling at the camera. In the left, she is side on holding a glass of champagne and wearing a white tank. In the right she is facing front on and wearing an off shoulder red jumpsuit and heels.

It’s a love story and Adele said yes. She used the TWD online toolkit to lose 20kg.

Adele picked up the online tools

Adele, who now describes herself as a fit and fabulous foodie, decided something had to change after the birth of her third child.

She researched different weight loss strategies to see what would best fit into her busy lifestyle, while also providing structure and guidance when she needed it. She also used the mobile phone app, menu plans and online support group to help her stay organised and have fun.

Adele ultimately lost 20kgs, 22 weeks after joining TWD online.

What’s new in our weight loss toolbox in 2020?

We’re glad you asked! In 2020 we are launching a new Protein Balance Plus program which includes new nutritionally balanced recipes.

We have also launched an improved interactive platform with user-friendly weight loss tools. This includes menu plans, food diary, tracking dashboard, a dynamic shopping list, new weight loss tutorials and support forums.


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