Garlic prawns, paella, tandoori prawns, jambalaya, or a fabulously 70s prawn cocktail — however you like to eat prawns, we’ve got good news for you.

A plate of prawns and salad

Prawns are an Aussie favourite.

Our scientists have created a prawn feed additive that doesn’t rely on fish products, making prawn farming even more sustainable.

Prawns also grow 30% faster eating the Novacq™ prawn feed additive we developed, while remaining a really top quality product, which is great for prawn lovers and farmers alike.

Feeds for farmed prawns usually contain some sustainably sourced fish meal or fish oil, in addition to land-based protein from grains and legumes.

Now we can eliminate the need for wild resources in prawn feed because Novacq can replace fish products without compromising on prawn health, growth or taste.

The story of Novacq begins more than 10 years ago when our scientists were observing the natural marine microbial processes that occur in prawn farm ponds and marine estuaries.

A hand holding an agar plate with streaked microorganisms growing on it

Marine microbes contribute to prawn nutrition.

They were inspired to find out how these marine microbes contribute to prawn nutrition.

The result is Novacq, an entirely natural food source based on marine microbes, the smallest organisms in the marine environment.

Novacq is made via controlled production of these marine microbes.

Our researchers have discovered how to feed and harvest them, and convert them into a product that can then be added to feeds as a bioactive ingredient, like a dietary supplement for prawns.

Video transcript available.

A prawn farm at Ilbilbie in Northern Queensland is one of several that have tested Novacq on their prawns. Soon more farms will benefit from Novacq when it’s commercialised through a new partnership.

But that’s enough talk about what prawns eat, I’d rather be eating prawns. And if you’re looking for a way to eat prawns, why not try our perfect prawn salad?

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Read our media release on perfecting prawn feed.


  1. i love prawns and I hope the next prawn i eat is naturally produced. or at least does not have any toxic chemicals in its body. if i do hear of any toxic contamination that’s the end of the prawn for me.– gone with the prawn

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