Slapping on a hat and slopping on sunscreen is about as Aussie as it gets. But thanks to a breakthrough we’ve just announced, sunscreen is about to get a whole lot more ‘straylian.

We’ve been working with natural skincare company Larissa Bright Australia to develop UV filters inspired by corals from the barrier reef. Our scientists have adapted the corals’ natural sunscreen and improved it so it can be used as an ingredient in sunscreen lotion.

What we have achieved is a compound which in just one molecule is resistant to both UVA and UVB radiation. The filters are clear in colour, virtually odourless and very stable which means they can be easily incorporated into any cream emulsion.

We think it will be about five years before the first ‘barrier reef’ creams hit the market, but it’s safe to say the sun has a new anemone.

  • Media contact: Simon Hunter, telephone: +61 3 9545 8412/+61 477 319 714


  1. I remember reporting on the CSIRO’s announcement of this breakthrough in Townsville in the late 1980s. Has commercialisation taken this long??

  2. This is great communication of some really terrific science.

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