Mediterranean Chicken Salad - one of the delicious dishes that will be at your fingertips.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad – one of the delicious dishes that will be at your fingertips.We’re looking for 5,000 Australians (from ages 18 to 74) to participate in a trial of a new online diet program based on our award-winning and bestselling Total Wellbeing Diet.

It’s easy as – by following a simple, customised eating plan and weighing in on the website once a week over a 12 week period, you can improve your diet and wellbeing. And to top it off, we will refund the $99 registration fee when you finish – but only if you’re quick enough to sign up first!

The good news is, we already know that the diet works – over half a million Aussies have already lost an average of 6.1kgs on the diet – so the online program is just making it easier for everyone out there with a smart phone, tablet or computer. We’re running this trial now to fine-tune the system before a wider public release next year.

So what’s the deal?

Our new Total Wellbeing Diet online diary is easy to follow and can be customised to suit your tastes, dietary preferences and lifestyle. Food journals are essential for successful weight management, but most journals only count calories. This diary instantly tallies your food groups and shows you where you’re going right and wrong with your eating plan.

The program will also include practical, realistic exercise programs to help maximise weight loss and wellness benefits. And best of all, you can do it all from your own smart phone.

The findings from this three month trial will be used to develop more engaging online dietary programs that can reach many more people, and will also help us assess how we can inspire healthy eating and provide more support to those that need to lose weight – a major goal of the Total Wellbeing Diet project.

We want to make this program as best as it can be… but we need your help.

If you want to get involved, registration starts from 19 October, and the trial starts on 3 November. Remember, you will need to check in each week with your weight to have the $99 fee refunded.

To register for the trial visit:

CSIRO has licensed Total Wellbeing Diet to SP Health for the development and management of an online next generation Total Wellbeing Diet program, in collaboration with the Glycemic Index Foundation.

** UPDATE: The registration period for the trial has ended, you can pre-register for the January 5 launch of the program here:**


  1. Fantastic Blog with Healthy information on Diet plan, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wondering if there will be more trials in the future alps I missed these ones and would have liked to have taken part in them?

    1. Hi Kym,
      The trial phase is now over, but the full program is up and running. To apply, you can visit the Total Wellbeing site and registration page:

      Jesse (social media team)

  3. Great post.

  4. Medditerranean Chicken Salad looks amazing! What other recipes are available?

    1. Hi Dana

      Where do we start? There are so many delicious recipes in the Total Wellbeing Diet program, and the online version will have about 1,000 available to members early next year. In the meantime, you’ll find further inspiration on our Total Wellbeing Diet and Health Bites Pinterest boards –



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