Everyone loves baby animals, but do you know what they're called? Test your knowledge in our quiz.

Everyone loves cute baby animals! But do you know what they're called?

What's a baby echidna called?

Image via Australia Zoo / Ben Beaden

How about a baby Iguana?

Wikimedia Commons: HdeK

Teeny tiny sloths are called...

National Geographic / Sam Trull

LITTLE YAWNS! What's this little ferret bub called?

You:"I've never seen a baby oyster before." Me: "I think you'll find they're called...."

Alice in Wonderland - Disney

 Baby cockroaches exist!?

Baby porcupines, so much cute!

Just Cute Animals

Baby hares are actually too cute.

Alyssa Myhrer

Jellyfish have babies too, you know!

Flickr: Aaron Fulkerson

Baby hawks kind of look grumpy. Maybe it's because they're called...

Photo: Hallinan Elementary, Lake Oswego


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