Everyone loves baby animals, but do you know what they're called? Test your knowledge in our quiz.

Everyone loves cute baby animals! But do you know what they're called?

What's a baby echidna called?

Image via Australia Zoo / Ben Beaden

How about a baby Iguana?

Wikimedia Commons: HdeK

Teeny tiny sloths are called...

National Geographic / Sam Trull

LITTLE YAWNS! What's this little ferret bub called?

You:"I've never seen a baby oyster before." Me: "I think you'll find they're called...."

Alice in Wonderland - Disney

 Baby cockroaches exist!?

Baby porcupines, so much cute!

Just Cute Animals

Baby hares are actually too cute.

Alyssa Myhrer

Jellyfish have babies too, you know!

Flickr: Aaron Fulkerson

Baby hawks kind of look grumpy. Maybe it's because they're called...

Photo: Hallinan Elementary, Lake Oswego


  1. thanks. you forgot to add Bats, Mega or Micro.

  2. cool bannanas, bit of fun in learning.

  3. Enjoyed it. Bck to the drawing board for me. Only 7 out of 10.

  4. Love it! 9 out of ten, the porcupette got me!

  5. Fun Friday quiz! Thanks

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