Spotify playlist: Our community-curated compositions

By Georgia Kelleher

24 July 2020

1 minute read

CSIRO Staff standing in our Canberra Discovery Centre

A Spotify playlist filled with the sounds of our community? Coming right up!

One of our favourite things about the science community? The people in it!

It’s never a bad time to celebrate science-lovers. Be it physicists that love thrifting, biologists that love biking or chemical engineers with a penchant for pottery. It’s our interests and passions that often fuel our most creative work. And, we heard it on the grapevine that a few of you like jazz…

Each month we curate a themed Spotify playlist. For example, last month we celebrated National Reconciliation Week. This month? We wanted to highlight the musical side-hustles of our scientific community!

So we asked for their greatest hits – and here’s what they delivered:

Before you go, are you a science-lover that loves a garage band sesh? Or an aspiring astronaut with a killer saxophone solo? Submit your Spotify tracks in the comments so we can add them to the playlist.