Each month we showcase a theme in our Spotify playlist. This month? We're highlighting the musical side-hustles of our scientific community!
CSIRO Staff standing in our Canberra Discovery Centre

A Spotify playlist filled with the sounds of our community? Coming right up!

One of our favourite things about the science community? The people in it!

It’s never a bad time to celebrate science-lovers. Be it physicists that love thrifting, biologists that love biking or chemical engineers with a penchant for pottery. It’s our interests and passions that often fuel our most creative work. And, we heard it on the grapevine that a few of you like jazz…

Each month we curate a themed Spotify playlist. For example, last month we celebrated National Reconciliation Week. This month? We wanted to highlight the musical side-hustles of our scientific community!

So we asked for their greatest hits – and here’s what they delivered:

Before you go, are you a science-lover that loves a garage band sesh? Or an aspiring astronaut with a killer saxophone solo? Submit your Spotify tracks in the comments so we can add them to the playlist.


  1. How do I unsubscribe to this newsletter? I cannot find any exit!!
    60 years ago I was a visiting scientist at CSIRO Aspendale. Your institute has changed dramatically since then.

    Hans Martin

    1. Hi Hans, we’ve unsubscribed you from our monthly Snapshot newsletter but if you’re still receiving emails from us it might be that we have a different email address in our system for you. All of our emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom but you can also get in touch with us directly via socialmedia@csiro.au. Thanks, Team CSIRO.

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