How do you stay healthy? Share your tips and win a copy of our Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan. Image: Damian Gadal.

How do you stay healthy? Share your tips and win a copy of our Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan. Image: Damian Gadal.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you’re not alone. More than 1.5 million Australians are currently living with the disease – and this is set to double in the next five to ten years.

The good news is that type 2 diabetes can be controlled. Eating well, exercising regularly and taking medication (where necessary) can make all the difference.

Diabetes_Book_CoverV2Our Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan is an easy way to help manage and prevent type 2 diabetes. The guide was developed by our scientists and experts from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and includes an easy-to-follow meal plan, plus a range of diabetes-friendly recipes.

And to celebrate National Diabetes Awareness Week (14 – 20 July 2013) we have two copies of the book to give away, signed by the authors.

All you need to do is share your secrets to keeping healthy in the comments field below.

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • Include more resistant starch in your diet by eating cold potato or pasta salad
  • Choose high quality dark chocolate over milk chocolate for a sweet treat (enjoy in moderation)
  • Trade your morning coffee break for a brisk walk

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This competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners Kylie Rogers and Celina Lim!


  1. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

    When I don’t feel like going out for a run, I take the first “step” and just get my running gear on. Usually that is enough to get me out the door and out for a run – and afterwards I’m always glad I did.

    Take that first step, no matter how small.

  2. I do fun runs with my friends. We train together as well and whenever someone needs a pick me up our friend brings their dog along and that person has to run with them.
    Who could be angry when jogging with an overly joyous labrador!

  3. Never lose sight of your inner child. Don’t sit around acting all grown up and mature. Get out there and have fun. Disappear into a green space with your family and reap the rewards both mentally and physically!

  4. I’m 65 in just a few weeks. I had a massive heart attack in 2005, and by 2 years ago, I was in ‘God’s waiting room’ well and truly. I was 100kg+, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was suffering from sleep apnoea. I used my own adaption of the ‘paleo’ diet, low fat, low carb, high lean protein, to get to 94kg, then decided to get serious! I’m now 80kg, and have been for over 12 months. Blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect, I sleep like a log, and I’m feeling at least 15 years younger. My wife thinks it’s great too, she’s got her loving husband back. I ‘blogged’ my progress, but haven’t updated it for a while. It’s still all good though!

  5. I also power down early in the evening (no devices/TV) and get to bed and sleep by 10.30 pm so I can get up early to exercise – there is no excuses for getting up and if I would like to stay in bed I always remind myself how good I will feel afterwards – so much better than staying in bed for another hour…it’s a routine that requires minimal thinking and it works for me.

    1. I have just started kick boxing with a friend; at the same time my son does a self defense course. We chose kick boxing because it is very cathartic after a hard stressful day at work. Going with a friend means you have to go….. and gee I breath better and sleep well that night. Surprisingly it does not feel aggressive at all. The classes are part of a martial arts studio, so the whole vibe is very respectful and empowering!

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