Our new VegEze app for iOS has been out for a months now and the results are in: apps can help you make friends with salad!

A veg-easy way to get your daily vegetable intake.

Today we can do everything with our smartphones – we can work, watch TV on the go, do banking, order groceries, play games and manage our health. But how useful are they for helping us to keep tabs on our diet? Or better yet, getting us interested in eating more of the green good stuff?

We know we’re pretty poor on the old veggie consumption here in Australia, with previous research showing only one in six of us are eating enough vegetables. Turns out, apps can be VERY handy when it comes to sneaking more peas and broccoli onto your dinner plate.

Based on a report we’ve launched today, the stats are in: Australians are eating more veggies with the help of our VegEze app, launched last year.

Aussie men, the stats are in: you have been vegging out

Aussies love competition, and the app’s gamified approach and incentives to eat more veg have especially resonated with men, who added an extra three quarters of a serve to their average daily intake. That’s a whole lot of mushrooms right there!

Our report showed the app has also helped change the habits of those people suffering from obesity, with the number of people meeting dietary requirements increasing by more than 11 per cent.

This is a big deal because we know that the more veggies we eat, the healthier we are. In fact, a diet high in vegetables can help reduce the risk of health conditions including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

And with 88 per cent of Aussies owning a smartphone and using them up to 85 times a day, that’s also a lot of opportunity to be reminded that you can make friends with salad… and bring your new mates zucchini, carrot and broadbeans to your next meal

It’s a win-win situation!

You get a carrot, and you get a carrot, and you get a carrot!

Overall what we’ve found is a free app like VegEze is an effective way for Australians to increase their vegetable intake and variety. Want a little motivation to get more of the green good stuff in your life?


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  5. Sounds great, any chance of an android version of the app?

    1. We released the iOS version of the app in this initial stage and plan to develop other versions at a later date. Don’t worry – we won’t keep you waiting for too long 🙂

      Social Media Team

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