Love your bugs and insects? With the help of our social community we've pulled together a playlist full of positively fly tunes.
Illustration of bugs

Crazy little thing called bug.

If you’re a fan of a bug or two… boy-oh-boy do we have the playlist for you.

Even our resident entomologist, Dr Bryan Lessard, endorses this playlist – so you know it’s legit.

“Insects have been serenading us for thousands of years – so sit back, relax and listen to some pretty fly tunes!”

Thank you to our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sharing your ideas to bring this playlist together. It’s time to enjoy the buzzy beats.

Grab a partner, let’s do the bug bop!

The Australian National Insect Collection is recognised internationally as a major research collection. It is the world’s largest collection of Australian insects and related groups such as mites, spiders, nematodes and centipedes. It houses over 12 million specimens! That’s a lot of housemates…

Our collection is an authoritative resource for systematics, evolutionary biology, ecology, natural resource management, biosecurity and biogeography. Each year we are conducting research to gain a better understanding of our incredible Aussie fauna.

Enjoyed this playlist? There’s more where that came from. Check out our music you can moonwalk to.


  1. Absolutely fantastic selection! I was about to say ‘You missed ‘Black Bugs’ by Regurgitator, but it was there, further down the list! Well done!

  2. Good fun I’m organising a writing comp for primary students about bees. Any chance of a bee sound tracK?

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