Our Moon landing playlist is full of certifiable bangers to get you in the mood for the 50th anniversary of an out-of-this-word milestone in history.
Buzz Aldrin walking on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Credit: NASA

Whether it’s a Man on the Moon, a Blue Moon, a Total Eclipse or a Moon River, people love to sing about the Moon.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing this year, we’ve compiled a playlist of all the best lunar songs for your listening pleasure.

We think if Spotify was around when Buzz and Neil took those first steps, they would have been walking and floating around to these tunes.

Australian Geographic called it ‘the ultimate moon landing playlist’ and certified it as a ‘banger’.

Now you can listen to it too.

Thanks to all of our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sharing your ideas to bring this playlist together. Now let’s enjoy the sick beats.