Every Fungi Friday we showcase the fabulous world of fungi on social media. So we're showing off your favourites from 2020.

What’s more interesting than a morel? More fabulous than a fruiting body? More likeable than a lichen?

Fungi. That’s what.

It’s no secret we love fungi. We’ve showcased what it’s like to research these microorganisms in our labs. We’ve also shown how beneficial they can be. And how harmful they can be to our health and homes.

This love stems from #FungiFriday. Every Friday on our social media, we showcase the fabulous world of fungi. We search far and wide for the most stunning images our audience take of these incredible microorganisms.

But the best part is, you love fungi too. And you’ve let us know all year! So, as a very special holiday treat, we’re showing off your favourite Fungi Friday posts of 2020.

Why have a rose when you can have Cruentomycena viscidocruenta?

We’re lichen the look of this Kaernefeltia merrillii

You dropped this, king

There she glows, there she glows again

This Chlorociboria is a true blue-ty

Slap this steak on the grill for two minutes. Why? Because it’s rare

The origin story for Prince’s Purple Rain

A rainbow, but make it Fungi Friday

Who was prettier in pink: Molly Ringwald or this Panellus longinquus?

A Schizophyllum commune that wouldn’t be out of place in old Hollywood

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

This Resipinatus is black for Fungi Friday

We’ll be back with more fabulous fungi finds in 2021!

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  1. Love seeing all the different fungi. There’s one in the rainforest where I live (Kuranda NW of Cairns) that’s a square in a pale taupe with a round ball in the centre. The ball is closer to purple. The square, split into quarters, wraps around the ball prior to opening.

  2. Totally splendid. Thank you.

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