Common name: Australian Pineapplefish. Scientific name: Cleidopus gloriamaris. Family: Monocentrididae.

Australian Pineapplefish: Found in caves and under ledges of rocky, occasionally coral-reef habitats. Max length of about 22cm. Found in depths from 6m to 200m.

There are two pits containing bioluminescent bacteria on the lower jaw near the corners of the mouth, which are concealed when the mouth is closed. This photophore is green in young fish and becomes more red as it ages.

At night, this species ventures out onto sandy flats to feed, using its light organs to illuminate small shrimp. The light may also be used to communicate with conspecifics.The light of the pineapplefish is produced by symbiotic colonies of the bacteria Vibrio fischeri within its photophores.

It is not a resilient species and it takes at least 14 years for populations to double. Due to its small fins and rigid armor, the pineapplefish is a weak swimmer.


  1. what a great pic…

  2. That Australian Pineappplefish is a great looking fish, look at that armor what a warrior!

    1. Agreed, that face is great and the body is amazing, would love to catch one of them.

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