Celebrate The Dish's addition to Australia’s National Heritage List with our downloadable colouring templates.
A colouring in template for The Disk, completed

Love art? Love science? Wait till you hear about this…

The world is full of uncertainty and change right now, and it’s something we are all having to adapt to. Young or young-at-heart, COVID-19 (and 2020 in general) has brought unique challenges for us all. And it’s important during this time we prioritise both our physical and mental wellbeing.

So, if you are looking for something light to help pass the time during this weird and confusing period, grab your textas or your crayons we’ve got just the thing.

Dishing out fun for the whole family

It’s iconically Aussie, and a star in one of our favourite films. Our Parkes radio telescope, affectionately known as The Dish, was built in a sheep paddock in 1961.

This week The Dish was recognised for its contribution to humankind’s understanding of the Universe and added to Australia’s National Heritage List.

It is the first functioning scientific instrument to be added to the hertiage list (huge news). Astronomers from around the world still use the telescope to search for answers to some of the Universe’s greatest scientific questions.

So to celebrate, and take your mind off things, we have created these special companion colouring templates for parents and children. Whether you want to enjoy it by yourself, or as a family, it’s a great way to relax while celebrating a shining star of Australian space science.

Illustrator Henry colouring in his artwork

The illustration of The Dish colouring templates is by CSIRO’s Henry Stentiford (@henry_stentiford).

We promise you’ll love it to the Moon and back

Still needing some inspiration to don that artist hat? If we haven’t sold you then the science will. A research study on the benefits of colouring showed that after 20 minutes participants reported being more contented, more energetic and calmer than after reading. They also reported higher levels of mindfulness and felt more ‘in the zone’. That sounds like something we all could do with, so what are you waiting for?

Download the kids template and adults template. Or, get creative and switch it up there are no rules!

If you would like to share your artwork you can send it to socialmedia@csiro.au. Alternatively, you can upload it to social media with #CSIRO for a potential shoutout on our Instagram stories!


  1. Wonderful, although I may need to go to the library to print it out as I don’t have a printer, off grid living at it’s best

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