Does getting a flu shot make you sick? Can exercise help you get over your cold faster? Our quiz will help you sort fact from fiction.

Cold and flu myths CSIRO

It's that time of year when the cold and flu runs rampant. So what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to these everyday illnesses? Take our quiz to find out - click through all of your responses and then press 'submit' to see the answers


Being cold gives you a cold


Zinc, Echinacea and vitamin C help to relieve cold symptoms


Getting the flu shot will give you a mild flu afterwards


Hot whiskey (or hot toddy) is a natural remedy when you’re sick


Exercise helps you get over your cold faster


The cold and the flu are the same thing


Taking cold and flu medicine helps to relieve cold symptoms


Mum’s chicken soup will make you feel better when you have a cold


Flying on a plane increases your risk of catching a cold or flu


There is an effective medical treatment for the flu


Being vaccinated every year means we will create a resistant super flu


Man flu exists


  1. Wow.. ask most women Man Flu is alive and thriving..

  2. Sorry, but I found this quiz to be very poorly worded; too many unqualified closed questions!

  3. haha i don,t get the flu and i dont get the flu shots either

    1. dont get head aches tooth aches

  4. People need to educate themselves and keep up with new discoveries and research. Articles like this may help

  5. I thought Relenza needed to be taken within a certain number or hours/days to be effective? This isn’t mentioned here. If its true, then it should be mentioned in the interests of full disclosure. And if I’m wrong, it might need to be debunked in the comments above. 🙂

    1. Hey Alicia,

      Thanks for your comment! We’ve reached out to our scientists for some information.

      Relenza shortens the duration and severity of flu by a small amount in otherwise healthy adults. That’s because by the time you realise you have the flu the replication process is well under way so there’s not a lot Relenza can do to help. However, for the elderly, pregnant women, children, and immune-compromised people, shutting down flu even at this late stage can save them from it developing into a life-threatening disease. Also, if there is ever an outbreak of a deadly strain like “Spanish Flu” it’s worthwhile having Relenza around. You’ll still get sick but may not die. You can find more information about our Relenza flu drug here:

      We’ve also updated the question in the quiz and add in more information for clarification. We hope that clears a few things up!

      CSIRO Social Media

      1. Gee, Ellen, H1N1 (1918 “Spanish” flu) has been back several times, but not with the high population densities created by Army camps, malnutrition created by WW1. Then there were the specific people this particular flu targeted. Go for vaccination, the Govt has stockpiled Relenza.

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