The latest scientific evidence shows redistributing protein throughout the day, including breakfast, could help efforts to lose weight.
Image of lighter protein sources

Research shows eating high-protein foods throughout the day can help curb hunger pangs.

Ahhhh proteins – what wonderful biomolecules. As part of a balanced diet, they keep our cells functioning and regulate our metabolism. And as our new report published this week shows, eating more protein may help us lose weight!

Three cheers for protein!

According to our report, Protein Balance: New Concepts for Protein in Weight Management, the latest scientific evidence shows just 25 g of protein at breakfast can satisfy hunger and stimulate muscle metabolism.

The report showed that most Aussies currently eat most of their protein in their evening meals – so redistributing that protein across each main meal could help. It also showed that, on average, both men and women are under target with breakfast protein, eating only 15 g and 11 g respectively.

For those who have tried the Total Wellbeing Diet, you will already know this higher protein, moderate carbohydrate, low GI diet works a charm.

In response to this latest research on the role of protein, allow us to introduce the new Total Wellbeing Diet Protein Balance program that allows dieters to redistribute their daily protein allowance so they can consume less protein in the evening and more at breakfast.

The pros of protein balancing to your weight loss efforts.

I’m so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the jockey

Research has shown the simple redistribution of some protein from dinner – where most Aussies currently eat the majority of their protein – to brekkie can help by keeping those pesky hunger pangs under control.

So what sort of protein should we be eating at brekky?

As tasty as bacon is, unfortunately it’s not recommended as a source of protein as it’s high in saturated fats and salt – on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet it’s actually considered an indulgence. But there’s plenty of tasty alternatives you can cook up, such as lean meats, fish, eggs, high protein dairy, nuts, tofu and legumes.

The launch of the Total Wellbeing Diet Protein Balance program is helping address Australia’s obesity challenge – the latest figures show two in three Aussie adults are overweight – by providing healthy options for those serious about leading a longer healthy life.

And to this end, here’s ‘just a few of My Favourite Things about protein at breakfast time to help provide some ideas of how to include more protein in your morning meal.

Oatmeal and yoghurt
And poached eggs on bagel,
Ba-na-na smoothies at the breakfast table,

Whole-grain with avo and mushrooms and beans,

These are a few of my favourite proteins…

 Ricotta and berries and honey on rye toast,
Cheese omelette, smoked salmon and spinach is the most

De-lic-ious breakfast with a cup of hot tea,

Helps you lose weight thanks to balanced proteins…

When the toast pops!
And the eggs poach!
And my plate is so filled…
I simply remember my favourite proteins
And at breakfast I feel… so thrilled.

*sorry not sorry for getting My Favourite Things stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Hungry for more?

Learn more about the new Total Wellbeing Diet Protein Balance program and calculate how much protein you need each day to achieve your new year weight loss resolutions.


  1. I find natural fat aka saturated fat the best thing to reduce my appetite. I am so sick of the biased fake research that demonises fats and has led to the obesity epidemic, high rates of autism, dementia, diabetes. Once commercial interests stop funding research I might be interested in what the WHO has to say. Until then I listen to my own body every cell of which has a membrane made of fat and use my own brain which is 60% natural fat..

  2. Bacon along with any processed meat are Class 1 carcinogens promote this please. It’s from the World Health Organisation.
    Then just for other stuff like Eggs are terrible too.
    It is education we need but motivation seems low in the herd…

  3. Yum. Yes!! Well done, you clever thing. *walks away humming*

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