After 100 years of visionary science we celebrate the diverse group of people that make up Australia's national science agency. As today is International Women's Day we've decided to showcase exactly 100 of the women who form the backbone of CSIRO

In 1916, Prime Minister Billy Hughes gave a speech that changed our nation. He didn’t talk about the economy or immigration or war. He talked about science and research. His language was beautiful and visionary. He talked about a country whose future was ‘bright with promise’. He talked about science ‘making the desert bloom like a rose’ and leading to ‘healthier and better lives’.

One hundred years later and his vision stands strong. It was the speech that led to the founding of Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

We’ve come a long way in changing people’s lives for the better, and for that we are proud. But we are most proud of our people. Our people are the only reason we continue to do work that matters. As Australia has changed, so has the community within CSIRO – and as at 2016, we are a truly diverse group.

Today is International Women’s Day so today we focus on the women working across a variety of jobs here. From senior scientists to HR graduates to ‘enthusiastic explorers’ and everything in between.

And it’s only appropriate that as we celebrate 100 years of science in Australia, we showcase exactly 100 of the women who form the backbone of CSIRO. Don’t forget to click the images to learn more.

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  1. What about 100 women in CSIRO over the Past 100 years. The where many women, not necessarily PhD’s who facilitated and led many of our early breakthroughs to put CSIRO on the map.

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