We asked five experts: are light dairy products better?

Should we all be consuming the low-fat versions? from www.shutterstock.com

There are always two options on the shelf when we reach for the milk, cheese or yoghurt: normal or “lite”. Less fat is better, right? But what about the goodness found in dairy – is it all there in the reduced fat version?

We asked five experts from various fields if light dairy products are better for our health.

Three out of five experts said yes

Here are their detailed responses:


  1. if fat content is lowered, and taste enhanced by adding sugar of any kind, then what are the health gains or losses. I would have liked to have seen that addressed.

  2. Interesting that the two dissenters referred to actual evidence, while the 3 “experts” who said yes did not.
    Also interesting that you omitted the disclosures from the original article.

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