RV Investigator’s block 201, the bow of the ship at the deck level, has been completed and lifted into place.

This is an enormous block, which had to be constructed in smaller sections, assembled on the wharf, and then lifted into place.

Only the gondola is yet to be fitted to the hull of the ship.

How incredible does Investigator look now!

RV Investigator graphic, block 201


  1. Looking good. But, why is the anchor hawse-box(“?”) so low down ? won’t it regularly be at least partially submerged ?

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Peter!

      The ship has been designed to house the anchor within the anchor pocket, and the hawse pipe extends one deck higher than you can see. The anchor pocket is about 4 metres above the waterline and in the normal position, but because all the machinery for the anchor is enclosed, adding a deck to the top of the bow, it gives the perception the anchor pocket is low. The anchor pocket will at times be submerged in heavy weather, however, because the hawse pipe from the pocket extends one deck higher, it will be well clear of the water.

      I hope that helps clear things up!

  2. Looking beautiful; where’s my cabin


  3. what a beautiful looking object !

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