It’s time for heart-shaped chocolates, red roses and declarations of a lifetime of love. It’s all very… nice. But spare a thought for your guts. Yes, people, YOUR GUTS. Isn’t it time you showed them a little bit of love?

Bowel health infographic


  1. I fully agree.
    Years ago my wife started to replace bown rice with barley. We have nearly eliminated potatoes most likely already GM abomination and replaced it with as much Jerusalem artichoke topinambour Helianthus tuberosus and similarly even durum wheat pasta with lentil pasta and topinambur girasol pasta. This must be done very gradually as your gut has to adjust itself from a wheat potato rice diet to a barley oats and rye diet.
    I dont know about Australia or Europe but North American food is unfit for human consumption.
    Dr Peter Burkitt has known this for well over fifty years and he didnt even know about GM garbage yet.
    Theories abound as no one knows if it is refined GM wheat or GM potato or HFCS high fructose corn surup that is the cause of GI cancer DM MIs CVAs etc the metabolic syndrome
    or hormone antibiotic contaminated chicken and beef or all of the above.
    At least in Australia you can eat wild kangaroo I hope.
    I wouldnt eat factory farm animals ever nor ever eat in a restaurant or fast food or takeout or takeaway junk food place.
    Their food is unfit for human consumption.

    1. Jerusalem artichoke topinambour Helianthus tuberosus is my favourite.

      1. My gut doesn’t tolerate Jerusalem artichoke. They cause excessive gas to those sensitive to it. I didn’t sleep a whole night after eating them.

    2. that wouldn’t help my gut. I have coeliac disease so wheat, rye, barley and oats are all out of the equation!

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