To celebrate the recent release of the Oxijet shower nozzle, which we helped develop to cut your water usage while improving your perceived water pressure, we have a handful to give away.

Recently released in Australia, Oxijet is a shower nozzle that creates air bubbles that make your shower feel A-MAZ-ING, while at the same time cutting your water use by up to half. It was developed by New Zealand company Felton, with the expert input of our fluids specialists.  

You can read more about it in our blog post from last week or check out the vid below.

Well, today we’re feeling a bit bubbly ourselves and have a handful of Oxijet nozzles to give away. All you need to do is leave your best (or most creative) water saving tip in the comments field below. Our favourite respondents will be rewarded with their very own Oxijet nozzle.

Update Thursday 7 February: This competition is now closed. Thanks for all your fantastic tips. We’ll be announcing our water-wise winners later today.  


  1. Think about planting a vertical garden and install a drip sytem to the top row of plants, this will dribble down and keep the lower levels damp.

  2. Hi there,
    We have a herb garden straight out side our kitchen, and the dishwasher “waste” is plumbed to go direct to a bucket at the herb garden. We catch the warm water in the bucket and use on the the next morning when it is cool.
    The dishwasher is mor efficient than hand washing and we have solar for the electrical contribution 😉

    We are enjoying reading every ones ideas and implementing some as renovations progress

  3. Here in Perth, Western Australia we have a dry mediterranean climate that is getting drier and more unpredictable. We also have sandy, nutrient-poor, water repellant soils that don’t retain moisture and can easily leach fertilisers. However, most of household water is still used on home gardens, so there has been a strong focus here on reducing water consumption through the adoption of “waterwise” practices. To keep exotic plants like vegetables and fruit trees healthy while also ensuring lower household water consumption, the use of clay and silts as soil additives is now becoming popular. This aids water retention and better utilisation of avaiable nutrients by plants. Adding organic matter and a good mulch on top is the icing on the cake that ensures better water usage while delivering excellent gardening results from gutless sand. If you install subsoil irrigation systems like I have had, you also ensure that no water is lost through evaporation and the scarce water used is targeted to the root zone. No wastage but maximum benefit from a scarce resource!

  4. If you missed out on an Oxijet and want to purchase one you can view a list of Australian distributors here: If there’s not a stockist in your area yet, you can contact

  5. We’ve done a good job in getting our kids to take large water bottles with them when they’re out and about, but the downside is a constant clutter of half-empty water bottles on the kitchen bench (where they’re dumped when kids get home). So, instead of pouring the water down the sink, it is used to water all the indoor and potted plants.

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