To celebrate the recent release of the Oxijet shower nozzle, which we helped develop to cut your water usage while improving your perceived water pressure, we have a handful to give away.

Recently released in Australia, Oxijet is a shower nozzle that creates air bubbles that make your shower feel A-MAZ-ING, while at the same time cutting your water use by up to half. It was developed by New Zealand company Felton, with the expert input of our fluids specialists.  

You can read more about it in our blog post from last week or check out the vid below.

Well, today we’re feeling a bit bubbly ourselves and have a handful of Oxijet nozzles to give away. All you need to do is leave your best (or most creative) water saving tip in the comments field below. Our favourite respondents will be rewarded with their very own Oxijet nozzle.

Update Thursday 7 February: This competition is now closed. Thanks for all your fantastic tips. We’ll be announcing our water-wise winners later today.  


  1. We’ve been inundated with excellent tips (not to mention a few that made us giggle).

    Congrats to clemensgascoigne, Alan Harman, Sue McIntyre, Steve Dalby, R Sackville and Darren who contributed some of our favourites (re-posted below). We also liked the responses from H Hoffman, Dave Sadler, Mark Wilson, Kimberly T, Richard Vickers, Louis B, Geoffrey Adams, Michael McDermott, Scott Sandercock, A Neale, Kaylene Pickering, Rebecca Thorpe, Andy, Leon Smith, Ally, Maryam Ahmad, Sean Webb, Janelle, Erin Peterson, Matthew Toby, Kim Deans, Chris Lewis, Judy, Natalia Wade, David, Fiach Smyth, Sian, Ross Parkes, Josephine Chow and Rachel Brdanovic

    Congrats to each of you, you’ve won your very own Oxijet. We’ll be emailing you shortly, to let you know how to claim your prize.

    Put on a Eurovision song* which has a duration of 3mins. When the song finishes, so does the shower.
    *NB – It doesn’t *have* to be a Eurovision song (I’m just a huge fan). It just has to be a song of less than 4mins in duration so that you’re having a nice short shower.

    Alan Harman
    Always drink the Jameson’s straight. This saves oodles of water over a cold Queanbeyan winter.

    Sue McIntyre
    Give your greasy dishes to the dog to lick clean and save loads of hot water in the rinsing stage.
    PS don’t forget give the dishes a good scrub before re-using – just use less water
    PPS I was horrified when a friend demonstrated this to me once, but now I have a dog I can see the efficacy of the approach
    PPPS … though it is probably still recommended not to do this in front of visitors

    Steve Dalby
    I have replaced a large lawn area (which needed lots of water) with native flowering plants, it was surprisingly easy to locate plants which flowered at different times of the year and which are naturally hardy and drought resistant. I now use much, much less water and have the bonus of flowers all year round in the garden. This not only looks good, but it has attracted a host of bird life to my garden who either feed on the nectar or the insects who do.

    R Sackville
    When planting new plants I bury a tin with a hole in the bottom to release water slowly to the plant roots next to the plant. The bigger the plant the bigger the tin. Less evaporation releasing the water below the ground surface.The tin eventually rusts away when the plant is established.

    In our house, our favorite water-saving solutions are engineering solutions, as they are usually more reliable than behavioral ones. We also prefer solutions that are popular, because we realize that our household impact is minimal on a global scale. So, we’ve installed a switchable system that takes waste water and pipes it through ag pipe onto our lawns and gardens. When we have plenty of rain, we switch it off, allowing the rainfall to dilute the nutrients from the waste water. We’ve also installed moderately economical shower heads.
    However, for our family to have the biggest impact, I suggest that news@csiro send me an Oxijet shower head. and I offer it to families within our Scout Group on a short-term trial basis. When word has gotten around sufficiently, we can install it in the shower at the Scout Hall, and include an A4-sized fact sheet in the entrance of the hall indicating that the Hall is fitted with a shiny-new Oxijet shower head (using CSIRO technology), and extolling the environmental and comfort virtues of the device. I’m thinking of a sheet along the lines of the fact sheets that sit alongside the Dyson Airblade hand-driers and water-less urinals in CSIRO. In this way, we can perhaps have a very large impact on our community’s water useage.


      WELL DONE.

  2. Do your morning pee-pee in the shower: Saves on the flush

    1. Haha thats feral lol.

  3. We all shower one after another so that hot water is not left to cool in the pipes then it does not have to be run through again before you get the water warm enough for the next shower. With four people in the house it can save many litres of water a day and saves on heating eneergy as well.

  4. There are some great tips in here. You guys sure know your stuff 🙂

    We’ll be picking our water-wise winners this afternoon. Fingers crossed there’s an Oxijet coming your way!

  5. Cook on the BBQ then eat straight from it – no pots and pans and no plates to wash up! Or try cooking meals that don’t require many plates like a sausage sanga yum 🙂

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