How can I get on board RV Investigator?!

By Sarah Schofield

4 December 2015

2 minute read

RV Investigator geoscience trial voyage May 2015

The new Marine National Facility research vessel Investigator is really impressive and we’ve had scientists with all kinds of backgrounds asking, “How can I get on board RV Investigator?”

There are a number of ways.

If you have a big science question that you want to answer, then you should put in an application when the MNF calls for sea time, which is usually around July every year. Why don’t you pop over to the MNF website and have a look at the Applying for Seatime pages?

You’ll see that we closed applications for 2017-18 a few months ago and we’re currently in the process of assessing those applications. What will happen next is that voyages will be offered to scientists and then we’ll call for supplementary applications.

The supplementary applications process aims to fill any unused capacity on the vessel, and this could be on primary voyages or transit voyages.

And don’t forget there are also Piggyback Projects!

This is when a scientists wants to undertake piggyback work on an existing voyage and includes things like data collection from underway instruments, requests to carry out a limited sampling program or deploying equipment.

You really need to check out the MNF website, there’s more than one way to get on board RV Investigator!