Our environmentally-friendly gold extraction process is helping producers meet demand for ethical gold products with green credentials.
Gold ingot engraved with CSIRO logo

The first gold produced from our cyanide and mercury-free process

What is more Aussie than a bit of green and gold?

It’s the livery of our Olympians and national sports teams. A representation of our landscape, and our national floral emblem.

And now? It’s a fitting description for an Australian-developed gold recovery process with green credentials.

Gold that doesn’t cost the earth

Most of the world’s gold is processed using cyanide or mercury; chemicals hazardous to human health and the environment.

Catastrophic spills of toxic cyanide into waterways have caused several regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe and South America to ban the use of cyanide in gold extraction.

We developed a process which replaces cyanide and mercury with a non-toxic chemical, called thiosulphate.

Just last year we successfully trialled the process, producing the first cyanide-free gold pour.

The rise of the ethical consumer

Time magazine first introduced the phrase ‘ethical consumer’ to describe a rising demographic of people concerned with environmental and social issues underpinning the goods and services they purchase.

The demand for green and sustainable products continues to grow for a range of consumer goods including homewares, food, clothing and even super funds.

Now, a Perth-based jeweller has started using the ‘green’ gold produced using our cyanide-free process to satisfy demand from clients seeking ethically-produced, high quality and distinctive handmade pieces.

Gold ring featuring a circle of white diamonds around a pink central diamond

The cyanide-free gold was featured in a ring designed and made by Perth-based jeweller, Clinton Nordhoff.

Marketed as Clean Gold, the jeweller says his clients are specifically looking for unique products which sustainable credentials.

Nordhoff Jewellery Couture has made several rings and a bangle with the Clean Gold.

One of the rings was produced for a client seeking an authentically West Australian piece.

“They liked the idea of Clean Gold, which I purchased from the first gold pour in Menzies produced using the cyanide-free method, and they also wanted Argyle Diamonds.” said jeweller Clinton Nordhoff.

“There is demand for ethical gold and I am keen to secure more Clean Gold for my work.”

Cyanide-free gold goes into production

We have now transferred the technology to Australian company, Clean Mining Limited, who will deliver technology products and licences to a global market of gold producers

This will open the door for Australian and international gold miners and end users to capitalise on demand for sustainable processes and products.

Contact Clean Mining for information on how you can access the process.


  1. CSIRO does it again – taking an idea and making it work, environmentally

  2. This is an awesome breakthrough. There scientists behind out should be very proud of their work!

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