The Australian fish world was abuzz this week with the release of FishMap, an online mapping tool that allows humans to check out where their favourite marine fish are living these days. You can see what fish are living in your area and what depth they tend to hang out at, just in case you wanted to drop by. The tool gives fish around Australia an unprecedented ability to compete for the attentions of people. With 4500 Australian marine fishes listed, including our 320 sharks and rays, there are sure to be plenty jostling for your affection.

Here are some of the stars of FishMap and a taste of what’s out there in our marine environments:


  1. This is brilliant news thanks. It is really useful to see where different aquarium fish originate from, and also photos for identification purposes. I wonder if you will also be doing the same for freshwater?

    1. Hi Edward, glad you’re enjoying it! Adding freshwater fish to the map is certainly on our wishlist but could be a little while off as we have a lot of other additions and extensions for the tool. In the meantime you can check out this great key to Australia’s freshwater fishes

      1. Thanks Chris, yes I bet there is some wishlist for this! Another great resource link you have provided thanks that I didn’t know existed. So much knowledge to keep learning…

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