Common name: Admiral Ackbar. Scientific name: Mon Calamari. Family: Not that we know of.

The Mon Calamari are an amphibious race from the planet Dac.

They are humanoid, about 1.7m tall and are most commonly seen with salmon-coloured skin and a squid-like, domed head with large eyes.

They are shore dwellers but like to be close to water and can breathe under water if necessary. They are also lithe water dancers and renown for their performance art.

The Admiral is the most famous of their kind, betraying the non-human hating Galactic Empire to become the supreme admiral of the Rebel Alliance’s naval force.

Naughty squid.

May the fourth be with you.


  1. May the 4th be with us, all of us.

  2. Ha! Does Hobart have a specimen?

    1. Cecilia,

      The forces of evil may indeed be lurking in the wilderness of Tasmania. Be alert my friend.


  3. clever title and blog

    1. Thanks Dirk 🙂

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