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Do you remember last year how we showed you this video of the bow thruster (its noisy, so make sure your sound is down)?

It’s an impressive piece of machinery:

  • Maker –  Thrustmaster
  • Model – Retractable Thruster type TH1500MLR
  • Electric Motor power – 1200kW at 900 rpm
  • Electric Motor Maker – Indar Electric S.L.
  • Motor Model – ACP-450-M/06

Here are some photos to show you the bow thruster, first being assembled and undergoing the Factory Acceptance Testing. Then there’s an image of it arriving in the shipyard, followed one of the space built for it in the bow, and finally its lifted into place onboard RV Investigator.

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    Great blog, sorry to nitpick but it’s noisy, not noisey…

    Love the photos of the investigator cabins

    1. Thanks for the comment Claire!

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog and thanks for spotting the mistake. It’s all fixed now!

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