In December CSIRO Education’s magazine, The Helix, featured a poster all about Australia’s Marine National Facility and Southern Surveyor.

The Helix magazine poster
The ship kept growing skyward, as more work continued on the superstructure, in the shed, the blasting chamber and the Investigator Erection Area.


While RV Investigator was looking ship shape on the wharf, there was still lots of work happening in the Investigator Fabrication Site in the giant shed.

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We were in the final stages of assembling the blocks in the Investigator Erection Area, in the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore, with the top two blocks, 401 and 402 well underway. You could see how they had that finished look, rather than seeming like there might be another layer to go on top.

RV Investigator's 400 series RV Investigator's 400 series RV Investigator's 400 series

And, we wished you Season’s Greetings…

From Toni Moate, Executive Director and the Future Research Vessel Project Team at CSIRO.

We’re looking forward to launching into 2013 with you!

RV Investigator is being designed, built and commissioned by CSIRO through the Future Research Vessel Project,  an initiative of the Australian Government, under the Super Science Initiative and financed from the Education Investment Fund.

(Make sure you check out the penguins in the Santa hats!)