On Friday 12 December, we’ll be hosting Welcome to Port Celebrations for RV Investigator at the CSIRO Laboratories at Battery Point in Hobart and we’d love all of you to come!

In the morning will be a formal function for invited guests, and then in the afternoon from 3-8pm we’ll be throwing open the doors of CSIRO so you can come and look at RV Investigator, the new Marine National Facility research vessel.

There’s so much happening on the day, we could barely squeeze it into our poster!


If you can’t read all of the detail, you can download the RV Investigator Welcome to Port Celebrations poster.

This post originally appeared on the RV Investigator blog.


  1. I look forward to CSIROs new research vessel commencing it’s primary undertakings and being able to add primary research to the huge tasks which are presented by the challenges of climate change. I have heard of the ruckus regarding the disappointing debacle of the ship’s inability to connect to shore power in it’s home port and offer up this link which should go some way to assuring all interested parties that this matter is a global one which is under serious consideration, investigation and rectification.

    Mark D.

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