All experts agreed there's nothing to worry about if you don't go every day.

Some days you might find yourself in and out of the toilet, and some days might go by without a single visit for a Number Two. Should this be a cause for concern?

We asked five experts if we have to poo every day.

Five out of five experts said no

Here are their detailed responses:

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Disclosures: Damien Belobrajdic has worked on projects commissioned by food companies manufacturing cereal, dairy and oil products.The Conversation

Alexandra Hansen, Health + Medicine Section Editor/Chief of Staff, The Conversation

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  1. I think for all practical purposes it is good to poo daily otherwise stools become hard and need to strain to pass causing rectal bleeding and haemorrhoids.

  2. I was wondering about the female opinion too…. or are we not to talk about such things. Come on CSIRO, you can do better

  3. Will you give us a woman’s view too? Or is there no physiological difference between sexes?

  4. Great advice on a subject that is embarrassing to discuss amongst friends, yet that is what people need to do.

  5. Well that’s a relief (sorry!). But puns aside, it is good to have expert information so I know what matters and what doesn’t. Great work, CSIRO!

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