This Christmas Eve, we've got a vintage video to make you laugh.

Deep in the archives we found a gem. Nothing to do with our science but instead a vintage Christmas video from the early 90s. So, on this Christmas Eve, we bring you a classic #ThrowbackThursday.

Grab a festive beverage and enjoy!

Rapping our achievements

Times Magazine cover of our flu vaccine

Times Magazine featured our flu vaccine on the cover of the magazine in 1993.

What a treat! If you couldn’t hear all the fabulous rap lyrics, we’ve captured some highlights:

Caught in the act

Di Elders features in video. She’s the one with the rockin’ fringe talking on the landline telephone. Di began working with us as a receptionist on a 17-week contract. And now, nearly 40 years later, she’s had the unfortunate pleasure of reliving the Christmas video.

But Di didn’t mind and, in fact, had some lovely words to say about working at CSIRO.

“There have been some big changes over my working life here – and it really is my whole working life. But, in general, it is a wonderful organisation to work for. I can’t begin to speak more highly of the way they look after their people and I am honoured to work for them,” Di said.

“You stay somewhere because of the people you work with. This would definitely have to be the strongest selling point of this organisation. There is so much respect within my immediate team, we work so closely together. If you’re not happy with the people you work with, it just isn’t going to work.”

We’re glad the video didn’t put Di off! Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone.


  1. Just love the CSIRO – and depend on your valuable scientific knowledge. Keep feeding fish to those bouncing brain cells…Happy, Healthy, 2021 !

    1. Thank Eileen for your lovely words!

      Kind regards,
      Team CSIRO

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