New 3D Ultra Absorb layer

New 3D Ultra Absorb layer

It isn’t often we get to boast about our science helping mums and dads, but a new nappy has just been launched with CSIRO-science inside.

The nappy features a new 3D material which we helped co-develop with Textor Technologies and Kimberly Clark. Known as the 3D UltraAbsorb layer, the material absorbs and contains babies’ runny bowel movements and minimises the spread within the nappy. The details of exactly how it works are a trade secret.

The Australian nappy market is worth over around $500m per annum and has 300,000 new babies being born each year, 40% to first time mums. The work is the result of our long-term partnership with Textor who we started working with through the Research in Business (RIB) program, which puts scientists into businesses to help accelerate product development and innovation.

In this case CSIRO scientist Niall Finn has been helping Textor and Kimberly Clark make this next-gen nappy a reality. The new absorbent layer can be found in Huggies Newborn Infant nappies.


  1. From memory, this must be the most satisfying development in babies nappies. This used to be an extremely off putting activity when babies motions were as explained. Great stuff, Keith.

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