I know there are lots of people dying to know the specifications of Investigator’s engines!

RV Investigator's engines

Here’s the nitty gritty of the new Marine National Facility research vessel:

  • Diesel engine: M.A.K  9 M25C  [3 off ],  Inline 9 cylinder ; 4 stroke cycle ; operating on marine gas distillate oil [output power = 3,000 kw].
  • Exhaust Gas Turbocharger KBB  – HPR 6,000
  • Max speed 34,600 rpm
  • Plain bearing type, with forced lubrication from the engine lube oil sump and gear pump.
  • The rotor is driven by exhaust gas energy via turbine inlet housing & the turbine nozzle ring.
  • It is equipped with a single stage radial flow turbine and compressor.
  • The turbine has reaction blading arrangement, this being a set of fixed nozzle guide blades that direct the exhaust gas onto convergent rotor blades where the pressure drop occurs and  the exhaust gas turbine is driven by the reaction force.

To put it in simpler terms…

Investigator is powered by three diesel electric engines that generate around nine megawatts of power. The average Australian home uses about 18 kilowatt-hours per day, which means Investigator could power a small suburb or a country town!


  1. Here discussing about the shipping industry rev head. Its the nitty gritty of the new Marine National Facility Research of vessel.

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