Take a trip across the universe with the 2019 Central West Astronomical Society Astrophotography Awards.

If you don’t mind a drive into the middle of nowhere, if enjoy a spot of silence, and if you’re not afraid of the dark, well, astrophotography might be for you. It certainly is for the talented photographers whose starry shots have been chosen as finalists in this year’s David Malin Awards.  (Aka, the Central West Astronomical Society Astrophotography Awards.)

This year’s competition had eight categories, including Deep Sky, “Memories of Apollo”, and a junior section. With the images judged by world-renowned astrophotographer (and all-round superstar), Dr David Malin.

Here are just some of stellar shots. Which is your favourite?

Pink and purple photograph of the universe

“Eta Carina Nebula (3372)” by Peter Rejto


Photograph of the Moon, large and yellow, behind the Sydney Opera House

“Supermoon behind Opera House” by Matthew Hudson


Green streaks of light over a blue night's sky

“Itsi Mountains Aurora” by Phil Hart


A photograph of a black dot with pale blue streaks and dark blue vignette

“Streamers” by Phil Hart


A photograph of a child shining a beam of light from a torch with stars in the background

“How small it makes me feel” by Austin Turpin



A photograph of clouds and stars with pink colouring

“The Scorpion’s Tail” by Troy Casswell

The winners will be presented with the ‘David Malin Awards’ on Friday night, 19 July 2019, as part of our Parkes Observatory open weekend. Are you keen to see the universe through a different lens? Images from the competition will be on exhibition at our Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre from 20 July 2019 for 12 months.


  1. Phil Hart’s pictures are superb!

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