Australia’s new Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, is so jam-packed full of scientific equipment we have produced some fact sheets, so you can read about all the capabilities.

There are five categories: oceanographic research, geoscience research, biological research, atmospheric research and Investigator.

Check out the geoscience research fact sheet!

RV Investigator's geoscience research fact sheet RV Investigator's geoscience research fact sheet (back)

Download the fact sheet: RV Investigator – geoscience fact sheet



  1. Isn’t there a seismic acquisition system installed on the ship?

    1. Hello Mike

      The ship was fitted with two seismic compressors underneath the back deck of the ship during construction, and the system that will plug into these compressors is currently being determined in consultation with Geoscience Australia.

      When it came to the fact sheets, we have only included the capabilities for which the procurement process has been finalised. Stay tuned, we’ll have lots to say about the complete system down the track.


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