UPDATE: Oventus have successfully completed clinical trials on the sleep apnoea mouthguard. The device is now available through clinicians in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, the Gold Coast and Cairns. To find out more visit the Oventus website: http://oventus.com.au/

Our 3D printing experts have been on the grind with dental company Oventus to help over a million Aussies suffering from sleep apnoea breathe easy and stop snoringtheir bed buddies might just thank us too.

The team have created the first 3D printed mouth piece, which allows air to flow through to the back of the throat, avoiding obstructions from the nose, the back of the mouth and tongue. Is there anything 3D printing can’t do?


Up close and personalised: The 3D printed mouthguard.

This is how it works: A patient’s mouth is scanned to create a mini ‘road map’ of the mouth. This scan is then transformed into a CAD file and can be fed through our 3D printer.

Eight hours later, ta-da! A perfectly fitting, titanium mouthguard.

Sounds super comfortable right? It actually is. The device is coated in medical grade plastic, making it easy to wear and leaving not a metal mouth in sight.

Sleep apnoea occurs when the air passage in the throat becomes blocked during sleep and causes people to stop breathing. In severe cases, people can suffer hundreds of events per night and one of the biggest symptoms? Snoring.

The breakthrough mouthguard has a ‘duckbill’ which extends from the mouth like a whistle and the sides of the guard divide into two separate airways.

Since it is used only on the top teeth it is more compact than treatments on the market, which include devices that push the lower jaw forward to open up the airway or in more severe cases; a face mask which creates a continuous flow of air.

Our 3D printing expert, John Barnes, said the technology is opening new doors for treatments of a range of medical issues globally.

“When Oventus came to us with this idea, we were really excited. The possibilities of 3D printing are endless and the fact that we can now design and print a completely customised mouthpiece for patients is revolutionary.

“We can print up to ten of these in a print run, which takes about 8 hours. It’s an exciting prospect for people suffering from the debilitating disorder and the design offers significant benefits which cannot be achieved with more traditional manufacturing techniques.”


Time to say goodbye to snoring. Image: Flickr/wolfhunter

The device is undergoing further trials and is expected to be available to patients next year.

Thanks to 3D printing, we can say goodnight to sleep apnoea.

And goodbye to snoring.

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CSIRO’s additive manufacturing facility, Lab 22, is currently being used to manufacture a range of prototype products including biomedical implants, automotive, aerospace and defence parts for Australian industry.

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  1. looks like all it needs is a whistle installed on the outlet, or perhaps a propeller 🙂

  2. As a sufferer of this affliction, I would be very interested in this development. I am currently looking into a dental appliance so I will be bringing this up with the specialist.

  3. I would love to know what the cost of this will be in comparison to other simple mouth guards on the market?

    1. Hi Bec, it’s hard to put a price on a good night’s sleep but at the moment the cost is expected to be around $1500.


  4. Yes very interesting. I am also on a C Pap but living by myself I don’t use it only when I visit family etc. I find it very noisy and uncomfortable and it keeps me awake. My family say when I snore I rattle the walls. I will be looking out for the release of this produce and sooner would be better.

  5. I watched you on you tube and the way you were showing how it worked it very interesting I would love my husband to try this when it’s ready ! He is on a C Pap machine now it helps but I can’t sleep in the same room it’s been like this for over 20 yrs he only got worse in the last ten yrs and he has only been on the machine for nearly 2yrs . The machine is loud and he still breaths heavy so if this works it will make my world I can sleep in same room again after 20yrs so if any experiments I will put his hand up for it so keep trying thank you Mrs Trish Green for my hubby can’t wait !!

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