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Eat well without breaking the bank. Image: iStock.

Over the years, we’ve received lots of feedback on our Total Wellbeing Diet (TWD). This nutritionally balanced eating plan has become a popular way to help people stay healthy and lose weight.

In fact, when the first TWD book was released back in 2005, it went straight to the top of the Australian best sellers list, even outselling Harry Potter!

People from all walks of life have told us how they love the food, have lost weight and feel more energetic on the TWD. However, we also know that the diet can be a bit expensive.

So to solve this problem, we’ve published ‘TWD recipes on a budget’. The book includes over 100 new budget-friendly recipes along with handy tips on how to stock your kitchen, grow your own herbs, use inexpensive cuts of meat for slow cooking and transfer leftovers into delicious meals. It’s the perfect how-to guide for preparing healthy, economic meals that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition.

We now have three different recipe books that are designed to help people incorporate the TWD into their daily lives. These include the TWD recipe book (2010), TWD fast and fresh recipes (2012) and TWD recipes on a budget (2013).

If you’re keen to expand your culinary repertoire, here are some recipes to get you started:

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