Thanks to new technology, future mining will happen mostly underground, be low impact and produce less waste.

Large mining truck carrying rocks in an open-cut mineIn the future, mines could look quite different to those that you see today.

Thanks to new technology, future mining will mostly happen underground, be low impact and produce less waste. Miners will use sensors, big data, autonomous vehicles and smart methods for extracting and handling ore. It’s a vision shared by many industry leaders and an example of some of the challenges we’re seeking to solve through a brand new collaboration.

We’ve partnered with fellow leading mining research group, CRCMining, to create the world’s largest, most advanced mining innovation powerhouse, Mining3. Headquartered in Brisbane, Mining3 is about bringing the best minds in the business together to solve the industry’s toughest challenges.

By pooling knowledge, expertise and equipment in hard rock mining, it aims to transform the industry through innovation to make mine operations safer, more productive and sustainable. This evolution is vital to the future of mining in Australia, and the rest of the world, in order to keep pace with increasing economic, environmental and social pressures.

After all, mining is a big player in our national economy and its long-term sustainability is important for producing the commodities that our modern, technological lives depend on.

Your average smartphone is powered by around 60 different metals and metalloids. Likewise, medical treatments, lasers, renewable energy and electric cars all rely on a range of different metals to function – many of which are in increasing demand.

Through Mining3, our goal is to apply innovative, sustainable practices to enable a more productive mining industry, while driving environmental performance for the betterment of the Australian community.

You can read all about the unique challenges facing the mining industry, and how innovation through Mining3 is going to help solve them, in our latest edition of resourceful.

We’ll be showcasing Mining3 and our other work in mineral resources at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne this week so stop by our booth to learn more.

You can find out more about our mineral resources work here. 


  1. What is ‘advanced mining innovation’, what does ‘sustainable’ mean here, ditto ‘drive environmental performance’? such marketing jargon is not worthy of CSIRO. Please use jargon-free, scientific English.

  2. there definitely needs a more productive mining industry

  3. Hi John,

    Please explain your comment. It seems controversial for us your quote.

  4. So where is the public to get its information from John? CSIRO has an ongoing role as the honest broker and we should be willing to work for both industry and the regulator in telling it like it is. We have been successfully doing that for years.

  5. I think that the CSIRO should restore the public’s confidence in the organization by ceasing to take conflict of interest funding from the mining industry, such as the major funding of the organization by the coal seam gas industry

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