To celebrate the recent release of the Oxijet shower nozzle, which we helped develop to cut your water usage while improving your perceived water pressure, we have a handful to give away.

Recently released in Australia, Oxijet is a shower nozzle that creates air bubbles that make your shower feel A-MAZ-ING, while at the same time cutting your water use by up to half. It was developed by New Zealand company Felton, with the expert input of our fluids specialists.  

You can read more about it in our blog post from last week or check out the vid below.

Well, today we’re feeling a bit bubbly ourselves and have a handful of Oxijet nozzles to give away. All you need to do is leave your best (or most creative) water saving tip in the comments field below. Our favourite respondents will be rewarded with their very own Oxijet nozzle.

Update Thursday 7 February: This competition is now closed. Thanks for all your fantastic tips. We’ll be announcing our water-wise winners later today.  


  1. I have a container in my kitchen sink because when I want to fill up my drink bottle it takes ages for the tap to run cold. Then I pour that water on my pot plants. Its better than ~1minute of wasted water down the drain!

  2. Does any of these ” Water savers ” work? Would love to try this one. Great new technology.

  3. It’s easy. Don’t shower unless you have a Felton Oxyjet showerhead (shameless plug). I wonder if my work mates will notice while I wait for that new Oxyjet to arrive………. better buy some deodorant!

  4. Put on a Eurovision song* which has a duration of 3mins. When the song finishes, so does the shower.
    *NB – It doesn’t *have* to be a Eurovision song (I’m just a huge fan). It just has to be a song of less than 4mins in duration so that you’re having a nice short shower.

    1. It doesn’t *have* to be a Eurovision song…but it certainly should be. You’ve won an Oxijet for this gem and we’ll be emailing you shortly to let you know how to claim your prize.

  5. Go for a native ground cover to replace or reduce your lawn area. Keeps the cool green around your house and requires much less watering.

    1. Congrats Louis, you’ve won an Oxijet! We’ll be emailing you shortly to let you know how to claim your prize.

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