Recipes on a budget: the latest from our Total Wellbeing Diet series.

Recipes on a budget: the latest from the Total Wellbeing Diet series.

We’re big on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a nutritionally balanced diet. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet lets you do this with a little pizzazz. It’s nutritious, delicious, high in protein and facilitates sustainable weight loss. Our latest book, Recipes on a Budget, shows how you can eat well without breaking the bank or compromising on quality or nutrition. It’s packed with more than 135 new recipes that use inexpensive cuts of meats, use leftovers in clever ways and show how to make your own dips, spice mixes and dressings.

Here’s a sneak peek that’s perfect for winter.



  1. I have, your wellbeing diet and receipe books but I live alone and receipes are for a family of four, would you be thinking of helping out older people by making receipes suited to lone people, love your receipes but wind up with too much food.
    Thank you Josie

    1. you could always halve / quarter the quantities, or if it’s freezer friendly save for later.

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