Giving you the shirts off our back (sort of)

By Nicholas Kachel

4 December 2015

3 minute read

Subscribe to our blog and we've got your back.

Subscribe to our blog and we’ve got your back.

If you’re an avid follower of our social media channels, which by the very fact that you’re reading this we could assume you are, you would be familiar with our ‘CSIRO’s Greatest Hits’ t shirt. Featuring a cool interpretation of the CSIRO logo on the front and a list of our “Aussie Inventions for the World” on the back, we created a limited run of these bad boys for a recent staff campaign.

After casually dropping a picture of the tee on the socials during Triple J’s recent #AusMusicTshirtDay we inadvertently broke the internet (for a government science and research agency, at least!). We were inundated with hundreds of requests from every day punters, fans and followers wanting their own slice of CSIRO history to be emblazoned on their person.

What a response it was! So many of you ready to wear our name with pride. And pay attention to your requests, we did. But first, we have some bad news: they’re not going to be made available to buy, publicly, in their current iteration. We will keep you posted on that, but for now, these shirts will be staying strictly limited-edition.

So what’s the good news? Well, we do still have 50 of the shirts left, and we want to spread the love with you – via the wonders of a blog subscriber competition. You see, we recently moved our excellent news blog over to a new home, and are more keen than ever to share our jaw-dropping science, collaboration and innovation stories with you.

If you hop on over and sign up to our blog before midnight on Tuesday December 15, you will go into the draw to win your own t-shirt. And fear not if you’ve already subscribed to the blog – if you get a friend to subscribe and they mention your name or email address when they do, you will both be in the draw!

A picture of Snapshot.

A snapshot of the scintillating science stories you’re set to receive if you subscribe.

So come on over and subscribe – you could win a t-shirt, and at the very least you’ll be getting our latest and greatest news, hot off the press.

So go on, get subscribing!