Have you ever wanted to stand on the surface of the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope?

Well now you can (well almost) with our new 360° virtual tour of the world famous ‘Dish’.

Get behind the scenes and take the interactive 360° virtual tour of the Parkes radio telescope.

The new Parkes radio telescope virtual tour offers a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the most famous radio telescope on the planet. Explore nine locations on, in and around the famous ‘Dish’ by selecting different locations on the map.

‘Hotspots’ provide extra information about some of the more interesting features of the telescope.

Top tip – Click on the ‘full screen’ version for maximum impact.

When you’re done with that, check out the virtual tour of the Visitor Centre and then start planning your visit to the Observatory in person. There, you’ll be able to experience our astronomy and space exhibits, a 3D theatre, our AstroKids Scavenger Hunt, the Dish Café and more.

In the mean time, enjoy the view and take a virtual wander.

Visit our web site for more information on visiting the world famous Parkes Observatory.

VT2New Picture (3)

The view doesn’t get much better than this. The ‘Dish’ hard at work observing the Cosmos, as seen from a visitor centre window.


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    Our new 360° online tour of our world famous Parkes radio telescope gives you a behind the scenes view in and around the Dish. Take a look!

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    Check out this amazing new virtual tour of the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope!

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