Common name: Sea Pig. Scientific name: Scotoplanes globosa. Family: Elpidiidae.

Common name: Sea Pig. Scientific name: Scotoplanes globosa. Family: Elpidiidae.

Meet the sea pig. It’s a little different from the land pig. Actually, other than it’s plump appearance, it has no resemblance.

The sea pig rules the dark and mysterious depths of the sea. They’re typically found at depths of 1000m on the sea floor of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. A type of sea cucumber, they have several large “legs” or tube feet, which are really noodly appendages. While noodly appendages are generally fascinating, these sea pig appendages are particularly monstrous. The sea pig has the ability to inflate and deflate the appendages using water cavities within its skin.

Sea pigs are deposit feeders, meaning that extract their food from particles in the deep sea mud. There are more amazing sea pig facts in this video (accuracy not guaranteed):


  1. It is not a fish. But to quote Seinfeld “Fish, mammal, whatever”

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