Common name: Bigtooth Twinspot Flounder. Scientific name: Pseudorhombus diplospilus. Family: Paralichthyidae.

Bigtooth Twinspot Flounder: My boss called up this morning and asked how I picked the Friday Fish. There ain’t a lot of science involved. I do a search through the scienceimage  website run by CSIRO Publishing and look for cool fish.

As I was talking to her I came across this one which I think has been misnamed. For a start I can count four spots (or two twin spots), but more startling is the spots look like those smiley faces people use in text messages or on T-shirts worn by glow stick waving ravers.

It is also known as Four Twinspot Flounder, Four Twin-spot Flounder, Twinspot Flounder and Twin-spot Flounder.

Anyway, I couldn’t find a lot out about this fish except that it lives in northern waters around Australia – Cape York etc.

It is from the Paralichthyidae family of flounders and they lie on the sea bed on their right side. Both eyes are on the left side of the head.

They are found in temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.


  1. The boss very much approves of this choice.

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